This Woman Is Happily Married - And Has A Live-In Boyfriend

Three weeks into their relationship, mum-of-three Holly brought her boyfriend home to meet her husband.

Whilst this kind of situation would be unimaginable for most couples - for Holly and her husbands Dan and Tom, it seems to be the perfect arrangement.

Seven years into their happy marriage, Holly asked her husband Dan how he would feel about opening up their relationship. The couple loved each other very much but were experiencing some problems in the bedroom. Holly didn't want to have casual sex with other people and she especially didn't want to cheat on Dan. After some research, she came across the idea of polyamory online. This means having meaningful and loving romantic relationships with more than one person at a time.

Whilst Dan wasn't interested in looking for anyone else besides Holly, he gave his blessing for his wife to look into finding someone else. Holly joined a dating site and entered into a relationship with a man named Will, who had been in an open marriage for 20 years.

When the relationship with Will broke down after 6 months, Dan held Holly as she cried, reassuring her that she would find someone else.

Sure enough, Holly soon met Tom. Though Tom had never been in a poly relationship before, he was open to the idea. After a few weeks, Holly took him home to meet Dan - who told Holly 'I have a good feeling about this one.'

Three's (not) a crowd

Tom and Holly quickly fell in love and Tom moved into their home. Now, Tom, Holly and Dan each have a separate bedroom and Holly invites one or the other to spend the night with her.

In 2015, Holly and Tom were married - meaning that Holly has two husbands. On her Facebook page, she describes herself as a polygamist - this means that her second marriage is spiritual rather than legally recognised. Whilst polygamy is technically illegal in the US, the laws against it are generally not enforced.

Dan and Tom are both straight and do not have a romantic relationship with one another but Holly says her two husbands get along great - they co-parent Holly and Dan's adopted daughter together and they eat dinner, watch films and play pub quizzes together.

Holly says, 'I’m not shy about holding both of their hands when we’re out in public. Course we get a few funny looks, but I don't care.'

Dan says he's 'never felt jealous' and his only worry is that Holly is happy. Tom says he was hesitant about the unconventional relationship at first but now he 'wouldn't change a thing'.

Whilst polyamory certainly isn't for everyone, it seems to work just fine for these three!

He's old enough to be her grandad but they're actually happily married He's old enough to be her grandad but they're actually happily married