This Study Has Revealed The Surprising Place Where You Are Most Likely To Find Love

A recent study has determined where the ideal place to find love is.

Are you in a perpetual quest to meet that special someone? Do you find it difficult to find the person with whom to share your evenings, your meals, or just your daily life in general? A study has just found where the perfect place to find love is.

The ideal place is…

A US study conducted by The Knot website surveyed 14,000 Americans who are engaged or newly married. Their goal was to know where they had met. Thus, they found that 19% of respondents met their partner on… the internet! So it really is the place to be to (finally) find your life partner!

In 2015, one study concluded that 14% of Americans had found their match on dating sites. Thus we see that love can be found more and more on the internet. These results are changing from year to year.

Going farther…

The study also found that 17% of respondents met their spouse through friends in common, 15% of participants met their partner at school, and 12% at work. They also realised that couples want to make things clear before they jump into a relationship, that is to say, they want to first agree on their finances before talking about marriage and having a child or a pet. Nowadays, only one proposal in three comes as a surprise.

Study Shows We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives Study Shows We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives