This new dating trend could ruin your holidays

Breaking up at any time in the year sucks, but this new dating trend that has been catching pace is sure to ruin your holidays.

As much as we hate to admit it, most of the dating trends are disastrous to our mental health. Even though dating is fun, some of these trends take all the fun out of it. From soft launching and cricketing to revenge dating, there are dating trends that are sure to put you in a bad mood. And if that was not enough, obnoxious dating trends around the holidays are becoming more and more popular.

One such awful dating trend that is catching more attention these days is – Scrooging. Have you and your partner had a rocky relationship over the holidays? It may be because your partner is a penny pincher.

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What is Scrooging?

The latest dating craze that's wrecking Christmas is scrooging. It basically means the act of dumping someone before the holidays in order to avoid having to buy them a present. The term was first coined by eHarmony. According to Eharmony, one in every ten British adults has Scrooged someone they were dating. People aged 18 to 24 are the worst offenders in these cases.

Scrooging usually occurs for one of two reasons: either the scrooge has overspent and is unable to afford a gift, or they are unable to come up with a gift idea for their date. Further, research has found out that men are more likely than women to scrooge a partner. Typically, a scrooge would fade away from the relationship slowly as Christmas approaches and break up right before December 25.

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Ultimate disaster or relief?

Imagine being excited about dating someone during the holidays and they just dump you instead. eHarmony rep Rachael Lloyd commented on this and said,

We know that relationships can often become less of a priority in the run-up to Christmas. Often people in relationships get anxious about what to buy their partner, particularly if they’re not given any clues.

As such, if you are thinking about dumping your significant other this holiday season be cautious while doing it. Lloyd said on this,

There’s no excuse for this type of behaviour. There are a huge number of [budget]-friendly presents on offer, which some of these ‘Scrooges’ might consider before pulling the plug.

However, if you still end up getting dumped this holiday season, you should be thankful. Because if you get ditched, it either means your partner is not ready for a serious commitment or they are just cheap. Both of these are two unacceptable traits while dating someone and it is better for such relationships to end before you get more invested in them.

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