This Is The Real Reason We Fall In Love With One Person And Not Another

Here’s why we fall in love with someone in particular and not with someone else: the chemistry and psychological reasons behind it.

You’re about to find out why we fall in love. The magic of love is not as magical as all that. The psychologist Irina Chesnova is interested in this dilemma. What she explains is that it’s so difficult to understand the reasoning behind falling in love because it’s often an instinctive and subconscious feeling.

This subconscious feeling originates from our childhood and from memories we have kept. These memories have turned into associations and romantic feelings: romantic feeling that we have experienced or that we have missed out on.

When an individual corresponds with these memories, these feelings and this subconscious reappears.

This also explains why some people have a partner who resembles their parents.

In other situations, the sought-after person can also serve to fill an essential gap: someone who would be able to fill and meet those requirements that have been lacking during childhood.

According to another specialist, Vadim Petrovsky, the person who we fall in love with resembles ourselves more than anyone else. As, in order to maintain a lasting relationship, there must still be common values to instil harmony.

Regarding love at first sight, here is what a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst has to say:

We look for what we find and we make it. We fall in love because someone fulfils a dream, intellectually or sexually. Then, we fall in love with the couple that we have built, because we are happy with the image that it offers.”

This is the Real Reason 'Love Is Blind' This is the Real Reason 'Love Is Blind'