They Were Happily Married For 10 Years Until He Saw What Was On His Wife’s Phone

They Were Happily Married For 10 Years Until He Saw What Was On His Wife’s Phone

This man was happily married to his wife and they had 4 children together, but then he decided to investigate his wife. Doesn’t he know curiosity killed the cat?!

This 33-year-old family man had shared his life with Crissy since they first got together in University. When he was just 19 years old, Seth Megow married who was at the time the woman of his dreams and they went on to have 4 children together.

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And although we’ve heard stories about men asking their wives for a divorce on the same day as their weddings, the truth about this story is that both Seth and Crissy had an incredible 10 years together.

They fancied themselves such an incredible pair that they even gave younger couples relationship advice, and were often looked up to as the ideal couple.

There was so much trust, love and care between them, and they always relied on each other, especially in each other’s dreams and aspirations.

‘I don’t think either of us ever lied to the other,’ said Megow.

However, in the space of one day, everything changed and now Seth is on his own, although he does have his 4 children, who even try to help their father date other women so he can fall in love again.

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