5 secrets to achieving a female orgasm

Female orgasms are often far more complex than male orgasms. But, lucky for you, we have a few tips and tricks to help you climax!

For a woman to reach orgasm, she needs to know her body and be aware of what she likes. When having sex with a partner, you have to let them know your preferences, and if you want to climax, you might need to test a few tricks.

Any idea what they might be? Well, this list may be a great place to start:

1- Masturbate

Knowing your body and knowing what you like are essential to achieving maximum pleasure with a partner. Once you start getting to know your body, it'll get easier for you to have orgasms.

2- Try different positions

If you're having sex with your partner, try to get creative with sex positions. That'll help you figure out which one you like the most, and who knows, it might become your go-to position!

3- Live out your sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies speed up arousal and often ensure climax. Your fantasies don't need to be extreme, either. For example, you can play with sex dice or try doing the deed in different places.

4- Make the clitoris a priority

Stimulating the clitoris will definitely increase a woman's arousal and help her reach orgasm. The most effective way to do this is to gently touch it with your fingers or sex toys. In fact, clitoral suction toys are very trendy right now.

5- Don't skip the foreplay

We often reduce sex to the act of penetration, but foreplay, such as masturbation or touching, is essential for arousal, especially for women.

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