Couples who do this together every morning are happier
Couples who do this together every morning are happier
Couples who do this together every morning are happier
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Couples who do this together every morning are happier

It can be difficult to combine a busy schedule while providing your partner with a bit of attention. This American couple has found THE solution to make their relationship last.

Everyone knows that a relationship goes through many phases: while everything may be rosy at the beginning, the more time passes, the less attention we pay each other on a daily basis. And that's a shame, but fortunately not irreversible!

Although it is nice to know that the person loves you despite your hectic lifestyle, you should not neglect your partner. To prevent routine from damaging your relationship, an American couple has found THE solution. It's a verysimple ritual you can do with your partner.

We’ll tell you all about it!

The secret to happiness is to wake up earlier

Laura and Matt have been married for several years and both have busy working lives. As time went on and the routine set in, they realised that they no longer had any time for each other. Their relationship was becoming weakened and neglected.

So the American couple decided to take matters into their own hands. They decided to give themselves some time together every morning before embarking on their hectic days. So every day they get up 30 minutes earlier and spend this precious time together. Matt, as a hairdresser, takes advantage of this extra time to doll up his wife and do her hair.

The lovebirds are thus able to enjoy an intimate moment where they can discuss their common goals, have breakfast, and cuddle. It doesn't take much! Yes, this technique does involve getting up 30 minutes earlier every morning, but if it's the secret to happiness, it’s worth it!

Check out our video above to find out why you should be sleeping in separate beds with your partner!

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