Coronavirus: Do spring weddings need to be cancelled?

Are you getting married in the spring and you don't know if you have to cancel everything because of the pandemic? Read on to find out.

While many European governments have put drastic measures in place, such as the containment and closure of the European borders and the Schengen area in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic as much as possible, many people are worried about what will happen next. Indeed, people must avoid leaving their homes as much as possible, except for certain exceptional situations. But is marriage one of them?

Many couples are cancelling their civil or religious marriages, which were supposed to take place in March, as a precautionary measure. But what about spring and summer weddings?

What is the situation?

While some town halls are cancelling marriages, others are allowing them, but under certain conditions:

  • The wedding must be held in a small group (maximum 20 people)
  • Safety distances must be observed
  • Physical contact should be avoided
  • The reception following the ceremony must be cancelled

Although marriage is still possible, many couples prefer to postpone their wedding date to minimise the spread of the virus. To ensure that your wedding date is not affected by a possible cancellation, it is advisable to call your town hall.

How to get organised

Even if many future brides and grooms are extremely disappointed by this situation, it is a matter of public health and their duty as citizens. Here are a few tips to help you organise your wedding postponement:

1. Contact the town hall where you were to get married to find out whether the wedding is still possible. If you wish to postpone the wedding date in any case, inform them, and they will suggest a later date. However, you will have to give your town hall an official document certifying your decision under oath.

2. Contact all your service providers: caterer, DJ, florist, etc... And set a new date aside if possible.

3. Inform your family and friends of the situation

4. Be patient about receiving your wedding decorations if you have ordered them online. Indeed, deliveries are being maintained, however, it will take a longer period of time.

In short, if you are getting married in a few days, it is strongly advised to postpone your wedding. On the other hand, if your wedding is taking place this summer or later in the year, wait and see how the situation evolves.

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