Beware of Summer's Latest Dating Trend: 'Freckling'

Summer love is generally romantic, and all too often ends when you have to go back to your normal life. But sometimes it's not quite so simple.

He’s tall, he’s beautiful and he smells like a dream… But there is a downside. As soon as winter comes around, your summer romance will, unfortunately, come to an end with no sign of it ever coming back.

Summer love doesn’t always end

However, not all summer romancesend this way. Some people are actually involved in a strange type of behaviour known as 'freckling', which gets its name from the word 'freckles'. Like these little, pretty marks, this summerlove only appears for the warmer months, to then disappear as soon as the colder months start and then reappear again… the next summer! After serendipidating and ghosting, now is the time for freckling.

The American site Askmen explains that someone who does this is:

Someone who rather than coming out of nowhere and then disappearing forever is happy to come from and then return to the periphery of your life, not staying, but not exactly leaving, either, just going dark for the colder months.

This is definitely an uncomfortable situation to be in for some, whilst others may think it’s perfect. Have you been a victim yet?

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