Turn Your Old Plastic Containers Into Fun Keychains

Turn Your Old Plastic Containers Into Fun Keychains

Keys are essential for accessing your home, car, and locks so why not create a unique keychain from your old plastic containers? This is a great way to teach your children to recycle and reuse old objects. Creating this keychain is original, easy, and fun!

How To Create A Plastic Keychain 


1. Plastic food container

2. Scissors

3. Permanent markers

4. Hole puncher

5. Key ring


1. Cut out a square from the plastic container

2. Using your markers draw a design (remember to draw your image larger because it will shrink in the oven)

3. Using your scissors cut out the design 

4. Use the hole puncher to cut out a circle where the chains can go in

5. Place your design in the oven at 150°C

6. Hang it on a key ring 

Will Armstrong
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