She Dips Her Boring Old Mug In This Beauty Product And It's Insanely Beautiful

Whether it's to use as decorations, to complete the perfect set of crockery or to give as a gift, customizing your mugs is always a great idea! Here's a quick and simple tip for creating breathtakingly beautiful mugs!

How To Make A Decorative Mug Using Nail Varnish

Customising your plain white mug doesn't have to be complicated - just follow the below instructions and start making your own today.


1. Nail varnish

2. Large bowl

3. Hot water

4. Mug


1. Add nail varnish into a large bowl of hot water

2. Dip your mug into the bowl and let the varnish do its magic

3. Let the mug dry for a few hours (up to 24 hours)

When coating your mug, please ensure that you don't accidentally get any varnish around the rim of the mug or inside it. Unfortunately, these customised mugs will need to be hand-washed because they are not dishwasher safe.

There you've got a set of contemporary patterned mugs, inspired by the recent trend for all things marble. Mix colours, dip just one half of the mug, and let your imagination go wild for a really unique result!

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