Here Are 8 Ways To Cook Courgette For Those Who Don't Like It

Not everyone likes courgette. Here's how to cook it so that it can be eaten effortlessly!

Courgette, a vegetable with many benefits

The courgette is all right! This vegetable with many benefits is very low in calories, but rich in B vitamins and fibre. The advantage is that you can eat courgette raw or cooked, and even in sweet recipes. This vegetable hasn't finished surprising us yet!

Cooking courgette

Although courgette is easy to find and available on the menu in many restaurants, not everyone appreciates it. Here are eight ways to cook it, and allow those who don't like it to eat it.

For dessert

Have you heard of chocolate courgette cake? Don't worry, this cake does not taste like courgette. Peeled and grated, it brings a lot of softness to the cake and makes it more dietetic. This recipe is totally amazing.

With raw vegetables

In a salad and raw, courgette tastes very different. It is much sweeter and subtle and goes well with lemon or salmon. A very refreshing delicacy.

In curry

Courgette goes wonderfully with curry. Indeed, this spice tends to take over the courgette. You can't tell it! You can cook it in cubes with other simmered vegetables, or in tagliatelle with coconut milk.

In pesto

Do you like pesto pasta? You can make a delicious courgette pesto to accompany your pasta. Just mix 1/2 cooked courgette with a little fresh basil, parmesan and pine nuts. You'll get a very creamy, gourmet pesto.

In gratin

Nothing like hiding the courgette under a ton of cheese. And for this, gratin is the ideal recipe. You can opt for a pasta gratin with courgette and pesto, or a vegetable tian by alternating slices of eggplant, tomatoes and courgette. Finally, the slices of courgette can slip discreetly into your lasagna. There's no shortage of ideas!

Stuffed vegetables

Like stuffed tomatoes, courgettes are ideal to garnish with a vegetable or ground meat stuffing. Simply cut the courgette in half, scoop out the centre and place a flavoured filling in it. A delight!

In soup

Courgette is the ideal vegetable to make smooth, gourmet soups. You can soften its taste by adding fromage blanc, goat's cheese, cream or even bacon. This soup will please everyone!

In tagliatelle

To have a nice and discreet taste of courgette, make tagliatelle using a peeler or a spiraliser. You can then add the sauce of your choice as in a real pasta dish: carbonara, bolognese, tuna or salmon... The choice is yours!

So, ready to impress your friends and family?

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