Urgent recall: School jackets and coats recalled over strangulation warning

Children also stand the risk of being run over when wearing these garments, Trading Standards warned.

A range of puffer coats have been recalled over fears of strangulation, Trading Standards warns. The caution concerns jackets by children’s streetwear brand Ripstop and clothing brand, Bench.

Risk of entrapment

Parents have been cautioned that the clothing items presented a risk of ‘entrapment’ because of the adjuster and toggle on the hoods.

The group also expressed concern over the possibility of children being dragged and run over by a moving vehicle if they become entrapped by the chord. The report said:

Such adjusters are not permitted on garments intended for young children as a young child may become entrapped by the cord, such as by playground equipment, leading to strangulation, or moving vehicles such as bus doors and bicycles, resulting in dragging or being run over by the vehicle.

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Standards not met

According to the consumer group, the elastic chords could cause injury to the face and neck of wearers if they are snapped back. They concluded that the products failed to meet stipulated standards.

Additionally, elasticated cords may 'snap' back to face or neck resulting in injury. The product does not meet the requirements of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 or the relevant standard

Trading Standards said the products had been recalled from end users by M&M Direct.

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