This unlikely trio of animals are the world's weirdest and most adorable friends

You wouldn’t expect three different animal species to mesh so well with one another, but these three seem to make the perfect trio—and the most adorable friends!

One unlikely trio makes the best of friends! You’re likely wondering: who is in this adorable group of three? Let’s start with the assumed leader of the pack—Marley the German Shepherd.

The happy pup has a lot of friends! Outside of the trio, Marley’s social circle consists of her dog mum, her sibling and virtually anyone she meets. Cute, right? Basically, Marley knows how to socialise.

Marley, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, has become an Instagram famous pet, thanks to being featured in numerous posts with a plethora of other furry mates!

The friendly pup is regularly exposed to other little friends. Her mum tends to bring home guinea pigs, cats, and fowls. It’s easy to see that she’s become accustomed to making new friends.

Well, Marley’s mum shared a video of her sitting happily with two chicks and a bunny. In the video, Marley sniffs her new friends. It’s probably themost adorable thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Marley may be the biggest of the three friends, but she’s super careful when it comes to being around her tiny mates. However, it’s important to remember that Marley has had practice socialising with other species. She’s super obedient!

You may be inspired to get your pup to interact with other species, but some dogs may not be as gentle as Marley. Some dogs may just chase after the little animals. What can you do? It’s best to get your pup to meet other species when they’re young.

But before you get into training your pup, you can tune into our video to watch Marley interact with her new friends!

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