This mistreated dog's makeover will leave you stunned

One poor pup, Cocos was given to new owners after his Russian owner passed away, but Cocos’s new home failed to give him the love that all puppies deserve!

This mistreated dog's makeover will leave you stunned
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When Cocos’ old Russian owner died, the new, designated owners accepted the Bobtail pup into their home. After a year, it became obvious that these owners were not ready to take care of an animal—and they should probably be banned from owning another pet.

New unfit owners neglect Cocos

During Cocos’ time with these new owners, he barely ate and drank. The new owners gave him just enough sustenance to survive. They also forgot to groom his ever-increasing fur coat!

Over the year, Cocos’ fur grew and grew to the point where he had a tough time walking. Thankfully, dog rescuers heard about Cocos and saved him from these horrible, careless owners.

A happy and rescued doggo

After the rescuers saved Cocos, they not only gave him thelove and care that he so obviously needed (and deserved), but they gave him a massive doggy makeover!

It took a lot of work to groom the pup, but with the help of six groomers, the crew successfully cleaned up Cocos. What does Cocos look like now? Take a look at our video for snapshots of the adorable pup!