This Incredibly Heroic Dog Saved A Little Boy's Life

In California, a little boy with diabetes was saved by his dog. While having a hypoglycaemic episode in the middle of the night, it was his dog Jedi who came to his aid.

Luke is a 7-year-old boy. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 2 but he has always been able to count on Jedi, his black labrador.

A dog trained to help the little boy

Jedi is not a dog like the others. He is trained to detect sugar variations in the boy's blood. With this skill, he can tell when it is reaching a critical level. So, when on one March night Luke had an episode, Jedi was quick to wake up the boy's mother.

Jedi the hero

Luke's mother rushed to her son, but the machine meant to show his blood sugar level did not indicate anything abnormal. Still, Jedi seemed to insist that something was wrong.

He lowered his head relentlessly, a sign that the little boy was in the middle of a hypoglycaemic episode. The mother decided to follow the dog's instincts by taking a sample of Luke's blood. The sample showed that the sugar level was indeed way too low.

She then arranged for the sugar level to return to normal in her son's blood. The mother posted the story of Jedi and Luke on social media and posted a photo showing Jedi rescuing Luke on that infamous night when no one except Jedi could have guessed what was really going on.

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