This klepto cat always brought his owner gifts... But he wasn't expecting this

Many cats love bringing home random objects to their owners but this time it was a whole different ball game. Check out the video to find out more!

Cats are truly mysterious creatures. Our feline friends tend to disappear for long periods of time and come sauntering back with their peculiar 'presents' during the wee hours of the day. Sergeant Dave Kempas, having a cat of his own, is well-accustomed to this phenomenon and therefore it would take much more than a dead bird to catch him off guard.


In fact, Sergeant Kempas was no stranger to gifts from his cat as he revealed the feline was a bit of a kleptomaniac and often brought home trash and unattended toys from around the neighbourhood. Kempas revealed his cat's criminal activity had been going on for years. He told the ABC:

The lady who lives next door to us, she’s a very prolific gardener, beautiful gardens – fruits and vegetables and flowers – but she would leave her gloves and so forth out, and we started finding gloves on our back porch.

Other items that often fell victim to Tigger's catburglar antics included multiple My Little Pony plushies, as well as any other horse toys, dishrags and numerous pairs of underwear. Afterwards, the cat's owner cleans up the trash and takes the rest of the items in for donation. He revealed:

I didn’t take a receipt or anything for it. figure I can’t take that as a tax deduction. I didn’t get it honestly in the first place

However, one night the cat brought something home that Sgt. Kempas could never have expected.

'That’s against the law!'

The police officer, and proud owner of Tigger, was greeted one night by something more curious than the usual random objects he often receives...It was a baggie of weed! The owner of this stolen property probably isn't going to come to look for it anytime soon. The Sergeant revealed to FOX:

He even brought me a little bag of weed one time. I said, "You can’t be bringing that stuff home, that’s against the law!"

Check out the video above to see what Tigger brought home!

Owner shocked to discover her klepto cat had stolen hundreds of shoes Owner shocked to discover her klepto cat had stolen hundreds of shoes