This dog was found wandering around with a hilarious message on his collar

Tyler Wilson noticed this abandoned labrador whilst filling up at a gas station in Kentucky. However, all was not as it seemed because this dog wasn't abandoned at all.

While filling up at a gas station in the state of Kentucky, Tyler Wilson saw a labrador wandering around and looking a bit lost. Concerned, Tyler took a closer look and found a message attached to the golden lab's collar which read:

My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.

Well, it's true! Dew loves going out for a wander to meet new people. Don't worry, as well as being well-equipped with a microchip and GPS system, Dew returns home every evening without fail to see his beloved owners. Then after a good night's sleep, he's off again for the next adventure! So cute right?

There are many reasons why a dog might be wandering at large, including looking for a mate if they haven't been neutered, or simply because of poor fencing or a door or gate left open at home. These dogs can often be a nuisance, or be in distress, and can even bother or attack other people and animals, or cause road accidents. All this could become the responsibility of the pooch's owner.

If a pup is found wandering or unaccompanied the city council might have to step in and try and locate the owner. Failing this, the owner will be fined and the dog taken to the pound. We all remember Lady and the Tramp!If the loving pet is not claimed within 3 days it becomes the property of the city council.

That is why it is important for dogs, like Dew, to have identification. If a wandering dog is found the city council should be notified, and the dog shouldn't be kept, as this is 'theft by finding' and can be a serious criminal offence!

This adorable dog was found on the roadside with an appalling message attached to its neck This adorable dog was found on the roadside with an appalling message attached to its neck