This dog found a newborn baby on the street and decided to take him in

A mother dog protects her little puppies from the freezing cold. But it's not just her little ones that she's keeping warm.

This sweet dog, Way, lives in Argentina with her cute puppies in the street. On a cold winter's night, the four-legged animal noticed a noise.

The dog takes care of the baby

What the dog found wasn't actually a baby dog, but a human baby. The child was abandoned by its mother and probably left to certain death.

But the mother doghad a big heart and her maternal instinct led her to take the baby carefully to her shelter, where her own puppies were already waiting for her.

She added the baby to the group of its new siblings and protected her own puppies and the stranger with her body heat to keep them from freezing.

A happy ending for everyone

The next day, people became aware of the baby's cries and those of the dog-motherand her pack. They discovered the hideout and brought the child immediately to the hospital—thanks to the courageous canine rescuer, the child was totally safe and only had a cold.

Afterwards, the mother of the child was looked for. And the animal rescuer? Mother dog and her puppies are gaining some fame in Argentina and finally, the dog family has found a new, caring home. What a happy ending!

Check out the video to see the moving images! Truly heartwarming.

'She started turning blue': Heroic dog saves baby’s life 'She started turning blue': Heroic dog saves baby’s life