He tattooed his dog on the face to try and 'protect' him

A tattoo artist sparked outrage among internet users after tattooing his dog, claiming it would help to prevent cancer.

‘Dog’ and ‘tattoo’ are two words that don’t really go very well together. Unless you fancy going to a tattoo artist with a picture of yourpet,so they can always be with you, tattooing your petsisn't really something you do.

Emerson Damasceno, a Brazilian tattoo artist, instead decided to tattoo his favourite patterns on his dog, incidentally showing that stupidity has no limits!

His white bull-terrier now has an anchor, brass knuckles and a diamond on his snout, stars in the corner of his eyes and the logo of the Dodgers, the Los Angeles baseball team, in each ear.


Fernanda Soares, a Brazilian lawyer, saw the photos first on Facebook and was one of the first prominent voices to raise concern. Damasceno, sensing he was going to get a lot of trouble from the internet because of what he did, took the photos down off his account, but they were already everywhere!


As for the reasons this man gave to justify why he did this, they are as ridiculous as they are incredible. He said he wanted to protect his dogfrom cancer! Unsurprisingly, many vets denied that this would have helped protect him, instead claiming that tattooing a dog on such sensitive areas as these could actually cause problems.

Despite everything that happened, his girlfriend has continued to stand by him and his absurd decision.

Take a look at the video above for more on this shocking story!

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