They adopted three kittens and made a shocking discovery

President of the Naples Cat Alliance association, Megan Sorbara discovered three abandoned kittens which left her with one big surprise.

One day when Megan Sorbara was working in the offices of the Naples Cat Alliance, she received a message saying that some cold and hungry kittens needed her help. So she ran to help these little things and made a moving discovery.

Three kittens in a basket

When Megan Sorbara arrived on the spot, she discovered two brown tabby kittens with large expressive eyes. She decided to take them back to the association. But when she went to grab them, she discovered a third little fur ball, this time a white one!

The president of the association picked up the three kittens and brought them to the shelter so that they could be cared for, fed and could rest in a dry place. So Pistachio, Hazelnut and Coconut found a refuge where they were cherished!

A story with a happy ending

Although the two kittens with tabby coats quickly regained their strength, thethird one remained very weak. Hazelnut and Pistachio tried to help Coconut with their love and warmth. Still shaking, she was also helped by Megan Sorbara’s dog Bitsy, who took the role of surrogate mother very seriously.

A few days later, after a long search to reunite this family, the very good news is that the mother of the three kittens was found. Vanilla, the mother has therefore resumed her role with the three kittens, all in good shape and full of very contagious joy!

To see this little family, watch the video above!

They Rescued This Adorable Kitten From The Cold... But They Were In For A Huge Shock They Rescued This Adorable Kitten From The Cold... But They Were In For A Huge Shock