She discovered she was sick when her dog started whining near her pregnant belly

Alhanna is convinced that her dog Keola saved her life and that of her baby. Check out this incredible story!

What if dogs had a sixth sense? Alhanna, from Doncaster in England, thinks they do. While pregnant with her first child in 2015, the then 21-year-old noticed some strange behaviour from her dog, Keola.

A sixth sense?

While she had been behaving very protectively since the beginning of the pregnancy, the family dog started to act in a strange way. The animal started to whimper and whine as soon as she approached the belly. This was very strange behaviour that Keola had never done before.

The worried mother-to-be finally paid attention to her dog's behaviour. And her intuition proved to be right! Alhanna soon began to experience back pain. After a doctor's appointment, she was told that she had a kidney infection and needed to be hospitalised quickly.

Two lives saved!

On arrival at the hospital, she fainted: the doctors detected a double infection of the kidneys and an antibiotic-resistant virus. The doctors were convinced that if she had not come quickly, she could have died:

Keola was sitting there staring at me so intensely that it scared me (...). My mother said 'listen to your dog, she's trying to tell you something.' She is the most amazing dog and I owe her my life.

Alhanna was then placed in intensive care. The mother-to-be recovered quickly, and her baby was once again out of danger. She then gave birth to a little boy named Lincoln, with whom her dog is very friendly and protective.

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