Internet users are in love with this dog after he pushed his owner's wheelchair through a festival

When the city of Guadalajara in Mexico celebrated its 477th festival the streets were extremely. Fortunately for one young man in a wheelchair, his dog was there to push him through.

In the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico, being disabled can be a nightmare: between pavements that are too high and dented roads, people in wheelchairs can struggle to get around. One day, the city was hosting its 477th annual festival, and the streets were crowded. To get through, Owen, a young boy in a wheelchair, could count on the help of his dog.

Doggie to the rescue

Passers-by were stunned when they saw a boy in a wheelchair being pushed by his dog. The nice canine companion named Leo was trained by the young man's uncle so he could help his young owner named Owen.

A festival-goer posted the video on social media and it went viral. The video showcases the well-trained dog on its hind legs, pushing the wheelchair without much effort, visibly comfortable.

Afterguide dogs for the blind and those who help the deaf and hard of hearing, here is another great example of what dogs can help accomplish for owners with disabilities!

Watch the video above to see this superhero doggie for yourself!

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