After pit bulls were banned in Michigan this man fought to keep his dog

After pit bulls were banned from the state of Michigan, he had to fight to keep his dog.

Dan Tillery, an American living in Michigan, had an unpleasant surprise afterposting a picture of himself and his dog on social media.

And just like that, Maui swoops yet another thing from his big bro. Diggy is so patient with this cute little terror lol 🐶🐶❤️ #Maui ##dailydiggy #love #burritos #warm #comfy #happy #home

Posted by Dan Tillery on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

An anonymous person gave him up

While the young man simply wanted to show his love for his travelling companion named Diggy, he was anonymously denounced by an internet user, following the photos he posted.

The authorities separated him from his dog

He owns a pit bull, which he adopted from a shelter, which is strictly forbidden in the state of Michigan because dogs of this breed are considered dangerous. Pit bulls are the targets of most bans and restrictions in the state. The municipal code states that:

While not breed specific, the following breeds of dogs shall be considered suspect as vicious and potentially dangerous

Then the listing several breeds, including the pit bull. Despite what the code says, the list seems quite breed specific...

So the police took his dog away from him, but Dan didn't leave it at that. He succeeded in getting his little fur ball back by proving to the authorities that his dog is not, in fact, a pit bull... and that he does have the right to own the animal!

A happy ending

See in the video above how the young musician managed to get his pet back: all's well that ends well!

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