After being shot with a paintball 50 times, this dog made a miraculous recovery

Liz Haslam is well versed in taking in dogs but this pup required some extra love. Rescuers revealed that the dog had been shot with a paintball gun.

Liz Haslam, founder of Beds for Bullies in Barnham, England, takes in all the wounded or abandoned pit bulls she can find. And when she received a phone call about a dog named Eric, she didn't hesitate to take him in.

Shot by a paintball gun

Rescuers in Turkey got in contact with Liz after discovering the poor pitty blind, half deaf and covered in injuries consistent with dogfighting. They even believed that the dog had been shot at with a paintball gun. The rescuers said that if they had fund Eric any later then the pup wouldn't have made it. Liz being an advocate for breeds such as bullies, decided that no matter what, she needed to help Eric.

After arriving in Turkey Liz found that rescuers had done a dog job at taking care of Eric, she then took over and brought the dog to the vet for a more formal assessment. An x-ray of the dog revealed what they initially thought to be a cyst, but upon closer inspection, it was found that Eric's muzzle was riddled with paintball pellets, some even being lodged next to his brain. Vets revealed that the dog had been shot with a paintball gun around 50 times with the wounds ultimately being what caused his blindness. Liz revealed in an interview:

It is a wonder it didn't kill him straight away or he didn't die from septicaemia from the filthy conditions he was living in.

Eric made a miraculous recovery

Liz then continued to stay in Tukey and fundraise money for Eric. The poor pitty needed a $5,000 surgery in order to remove all the pellets in his head. Luckily all Liz's hard work had paid off and the pup was able to get the emergency surgery he needed. The dog was then adopted by a home who also cared for another disabled bull terrier named Molly. Now Eric can get all the love and attention he deserves!

Dog shot over 50 times with lead bullets Dog shot over 50 times with lead bullets