This is what it means to dream you're naked at work

If you've ever dreamt of being completely naked at work, you know it is absolutely mortifying. Good news, though—it may not be such a bad thing.

Dreaming you are naked at work is distressing, let's be honest. But what does it mean?

Dreams are nocturnal memories

Dreams are stories that your mind imagines when you are asleep. Pretty cool, right? To this day, nobody can say why we dream. Do our dreams have a purpose? Are they trying to tell us something? Or are they simply trying to entertain us?

Many experts say that dreams help us process our emotions, solve problems and incorporate memories. All of this happens on a subconscious level, which has a much greater impact on us than we may believe.

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Being naked at work: The different readings

Being naked in front of your colleagues is ultimately about being vulnerable to others.

If you find yourself in dreamland, showing up to work completely naked, you could be suppressing a feeling of guilt or unease. It's believed that finding yourself without clothes is like finding yourself helpless. Makes sense, right?

If in the dream a feeling of shame starts to take over you, then you are probably afraid that others, in this case, your colleagues, will discover your true feelings. You may also fear that a truth will come out, which will literally leave you exposed.

If, however, your colleagues in your dream do not notice that you are naked, it means that you do not fear rejection. Great!

Nudity can also be a symbol of childhood and innocence. In this case, it can be a feeling of nostalgia.

Finally, it can also have a spiritual character. Perhaps you are looking to re-establish a connection with the spiritual world.

So which of these meanings fits you?

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