Toddler Returns Plastic Bottle to Stranger Who Threw It Out Their Car Window (Video)

It's no surprise that this little boy, who's very responsible for his age, went viral!

They do say that 7 is the age of reason... And yet, the person driving the vehicle that you'll see in the video is definitely a lot older than 7, but clearly skipped that stage...

A spontaneous, yet meaningful gesture

Shortly after a driver threw a plastic bottle out the window of their car, a little boy ran over to pick it up and put it back where it came from: inside the vehicle.

The driver, who was very likely surprised by this, immediately opened the door. The little boy's father, who was just a few meters behind him, pushing a stroller, swiftly slammed the car door shut with his foot, putting the litterer back in his place...

The Internet was immediately enamoured with the little boy. In fact, the video already has more than ten million views!

Comments include a lot of congratulatory messages, as well as some scepticism from Internet users who think it was staged or photoshopped. Many users insisted that it wasn't fake and that the person holding the camera was just at the right place at the right time... but who knows?

When will adults start taking responsibility for the health of our planet?

More than a third of drivers who were surveyed by Vinci Autoroute in France admitted to tossing their trash out their car windows. Ugh.

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