Robbing Season: Car theft of this one brand is up by 500% in the UK

As the crime rate rises with the holiday season it is recommended that people remain vigilant about where they leave their vehicles as car theft reaches an all time high.

car theft crime rate holidays
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car theft crime rate holidays

Crime is on the rise as the holiday season is in full swing. Each year the crime rate spike coincides with the jolly season and this year, while no exception, happens to be record-breaking. Criminals always adapt and find unique ways to ensure adequate revenue; in the UK, car theft has been popular for quite some time but this year it is at an all-time high.

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Insurance company LV= General has released data that shows car theft has increased by 59% from 2021 to 2022. Given the international supply chain issue that lingers from last year, many thieves don’t need to steal the entire car. Just acquiring high-ticket components such as catalytic converters, headlights, wheels, and headlights could be lucrative enough.

Robbing season

The holidays may be the highlight of the year for some, but for others who may not be as fortunate, it is a time that highlights their struggles as they have to not only worry about their rent, bills and responsibilities but they have to also find the funds to make room for gifts and celebrations. This pressure can drive many to seek illicit means of income to supplement their needs, including shoplifting and other petty crimes that can escalate if desperate enough. Others of the more career-criminal variety find the holiday season to be ripe with opportunity; people are more likely to walk around carrying valuables, and vehicles may remain parked in areas they’re not usually in due to alcohol consumption and subsequent ridesharing home to be safe. Alcohol consumption also highlights negative emotions that some may be feeling during the festive time as well as leading to lapses of judgment and impulsivity.

While it is a jolly season it is always wise to remember that not everyone is experiencing it from the same perspective. As such, it is important to always be mindful of one’s surroundings and be careful where vehicles are left since they seem like the most sought-after commodity this season.

Cars are easy targets

While technological advances promise increased security for motorized vehicles, not all companies have been able to ensure this promise is kept. Keyless entry, while convenient, has been shown to still contain many vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited. Gone are the days of forcing a window and fiddling with cables to 'hot-wire' a car. Some devices can fool the cars into thinking their keyfobs are close by despite the many baked-in security layers. As such it becomes quite easy to acquire access and start the engine without looking suspicious. And this is proved by the data released by LV= General which has shown that Lexus has seen a 513% increase in theft, Toyota has seen 103%, Hyundai rose by 81% and Kia by 76%. These brands have evidently become favorites for criminals and require extra security layers to ensure their safety: wheel clamps, steering wheel rods and other extra security measures, while not bulletproof, can deter criminals from trying to get into your car to avoid the hassle.

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