Martin Lewis alerts millions about £160 off water bills and more, check if you're eligible

Millions of Brits are missing out on help from their water companies to pay their bills. Find out here if you're entitled to support.

Millions could receive £160 off water bills and more, check if you're eligible
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Millions could receive £160 off water bills and more, check if you're eligible

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has revealed that more than 5.7 million British households on low incomes are missing out on an average of £160 per year off their water bills. It is thought that only one-fifth of people are getting this 'lesser-known' support that they are eligible for.

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He told Good Morning Britain that this is:

The biggest one of all being missed out, and the least known one.
Only two in 10 people who are eligible for this are claiming it right now.

Here is the different help available, as reported by Metro:

Water companies' social tariff

As Martin Lewis states 'every water company has to have its own social tariff' so you should 'go on to your firm's website and search social tariffs' to see what support they offer. You can also call them.

You can figure out what your water company is by using the postcode checker on the Water UK website.

For example, Thames Water customers could be entitled to a 50% off their water bills if their total household income is under £17,005, or under £21,749 in London.

The water company also offers a temporary support scheme for people who are currently spending more than they’re earning as a result of the cost of living crisis. These people are also eligible for 50% discount on their water bills.

Another company, Severn Trent Water, has a scheme called Big Difference which offers customers with a household income below £20,048 up to 90% off bills.

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Help for those on benefits and a water meter

Martin Lewis also highlighted that those on benefits and on a water meter can receive additional assistance. He said:

If you’re on a water meter, the WaterSure scheme is for those on benefits.
If you have medical needs, which means you need to use more water, or you’ve got three plus school-aged children, that’s extra help that you can get as well as this or separately to this.

To apply for the WaterSure scheme, you must complete a form on your water company’s website and supply evidence that you’re eligible, such as a copy of your awards notice for a benefit and a doctor’s note to prove your health condition.

Successful applicants will have their water bills capped at the average water bill rate that their water company deals with in their area.

Free grants from water companies

Additionally, those experiencing difficulties due to the cost of living are entitled to receive free grants worth hundreds of pounds from their water company.

The exact amount you can receive is based on your circumstances and your water company, with priority given to people experiencing exceptional circumstances, such as those who have lost their jobs.

For example, Severn Trent Water has handed out more than 3,000 grants, each worth an average of £781.

To apply for a grant, contact your water company directly.

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