COVID vaccine: A new jab will be necessary every year, according to Pfizer CEO

The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Boula, believes that people will require additional vaccines for years to come to minimize the deadly impact of future variants.

According to Pfizer's CEO, Albert Boula, the world's population will require a new vaccine every year in order to fight off future COVID variants—a sign that we might very well be dealing with the virus for many years to come.

COVID for many years to come

Though nothing can be confirmed, the CEO told Insider that regular jabbing will be the only solution to the inevitable waining protection over vaccines over time. He explains that:

The most likely scenario is that we will need annual revaccination, as is the case with the flu vaccine.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the UK was finalizing a rollout plan to provide Brits with a booster shot to aid in reinforcing protection for those who have already been jabbed twice. However, an official review and approval of each company's application must first be reached before the plan is set in motion.

Forever living with the virus?

Bourla's predictions have now led some to believe that the virus might stay within society for a very long time. Some researchers have gone as far as to say that the virus' rollercoaster of outbreaks might stretch into 2023. Others have also said that though the virus could remain within society, it will become endemic—meaning it will still be present but much less threatening.

So far, no company has submitted its booster shot for emergency use authorization. Pfizer said it expects to complete the application by the end of the week. In recent months, Pfizer argued that a first booster shot would likely be needed six to 12 months after the first double-dose vaccination.

However, the conversation surrounding additional vaccines remains controversial within the medical field. This is primarily due to the fact that many low and middle income countries are struggling to even just give the first dose to its citizens.

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