COVID: New version of Omicron variant has been discovered

Scientists have spotted another version of the Omicron variant that they say is considerably distinct.

Omicron variant
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Omicron variant

It’s only been a few since the Omicron variant stole the centre stage from the Delta variant, but scientists have already discovered a lineage of the new strain that is reportedly ‘more discreet.’ It has now been dubbed the ‘stealth’ version of the Omicron variant and has already infected seven people.

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Omicron 2.0?

As reported by Bloomberg, the new type of Omicron variant was first discovered in Queensland, Australia, and it was found in a traveller who had just recently landed in the country from South Africa.

The reason why the variant is being described as ‘stealth’ is that it has many of the same mutations as are present in the original Omicron variant, but it is missing a certain genetic sequence that makes it harder to detectwith lab-based PCR testing. Acting chief health officer of the state, Peter Aitkin told reporters:

We now have Omicron and Omicron-like.

Stealth version

While PCR tests may have a harder time detecting the specific lineage of the ‘Omicron-like’, it will pick up the virus and will most likely present it as a regular Omicron variant.

The problem, however, is that researchers believe that it may be possible that this version will act ‘differently’ to the original variant, but more research is needed to reach any conclusions. Aitkin added:

We don’t know enough about it as to what that means then as far as clinical severity, vaccine effectiveness.

According to The Guardian, the ‘stealth’ version of Omicron has been identified in COVID genomes from South Africa, Canada, and Australia so far.

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