10 Tips For Writing Your Own Perfect Wedding Vows
10 Tips For Writing Your Own Perfect Wedding Vows

10 Tips For Writing Your Own Perfect Wedding Vows

Do you get stuck for words every time you try and write your wedding vows? Ohmymag is here with 10 tips to help you find the words to express how you feel about your partner. Keep reading to find out more. 

10 Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

1. Let your heart speak: There's no better person to be than yourself on your wedding day. Write openly about how you feel about your wedding and your future husband/wife, without giving too much away!

2.Talk it over with your loved ones: On your wedding day, it is definitely too late to back out of saying your vows. In case you have doubts or you need reassurance, read it through with your loved ones or maybe even your husband/wife to-be? 

3.Write simply: There's no need to write long, elaborate sentences to declare your love for your partner. Instead, try writing simply and in your own words. This will be just as touching. 

4. Choose a theme: What would you like to say most to your fiancé? Start with a main theme such as: their qualities, your future plans, how you met, things you have in common or even your differences. 

5. Use a quote: Do you have a favourite verse of a poem or song that describes exactly how you feel? Why not include these in your vows?

6. Make it personal: Use an anecdote or a memory to make your vows funny and sweet. It could be, for example, a moment where you bonded.

7. Go for something short: Whatever you do, make sure your vows aren't too long. Even if it is emotional, you risk boring your guests if reading your vows takes too long.

8. Practice makes perfect: Reading your vows isn't always easy, especially when you add in wedding emotions. Repeat your vows out loud in front of friends or family so you get used to what you've written and can say it fluently. 

9. Have a plan B:  Even though you've written your vows yourself, you may forget them on the day. Mount your vows onto some nice card in case you need to get them out in the ceremony. It's not the end of the world if you don't know them off by heart, especially when you're filled with emotion.

10. Keep and cherish them: For your vows and other sentimental objects from your wedding find a box that you can keep them in so you can get them out on special occasions or show them to your children.

By Will Armstrong
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