This Is How Meghan Markle Will Carry Out The Queen’s Final Wishes

Since her relationship with Meghan Markle is in quite a good place, it would seem that the Queen of England is relying on her when it comes to her heritage and her final wishes. Keep reading to find out more...

This Is How Meghan Markle Will Carry Out The Queen’s Final Wishes
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Since Queen Elizabeth II has been in power in the United Kingdom for 67 years, the monarch is now considering her succession. And even though some speculations have been made about whether Prince William should take over the throne instead of Charles, it would seem that the Queen has also been thinking about her heritage and her final wishes.

In fact, according to The Sun, Queen Elizabeth II is actually relying on Meghan Markle to respect her final wishes. After her death, Elizabeth II wants the Royal Family to stay at the head of the country and be just as popular as they are today. And she thinks that the arrival of Meghan Markle in the family could help fulfil this wish.

An undeniable popularity

The reason? Her popularity, her relationship with Prince Harry and the enthusiasm that there was surrounding their first child, little Archie.

‘I think what Harry and Meghan have done is appeal very greatly to a younger generation which is what the Queen wanted,’ explains Tim Ewart, former ITV News royal editor.

‘The reality for the monarchy is that when the Queen dies, one of the reasons for the monarchy’s popularity will be gone. A large part of the popularity of the monarchy is based on the popularity of the Queen. Will that transfer to her son? […] We don’t know, but there are suggestions that he’s not as popular as she is,’ as the news source reported.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were listed among the 25 most influential celebrities on the Internet by Time Magazine. Just a bit of pressure for Meghan Markle, don’t you think?