Meghan Markle Has Made Some Surprising Choices For The Royal Baby’s Room

While Meghan Markle is expected to give birth in March 2019, preparations for the arrival of the royal baby are ongoing. The Duchess of Sussex has some decorating requirements for her future child's room, which might surprise you.

Between the birth of the future royal baby, the move, and public appearances, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not have a minute to themselves. However, the Duchess of Sussex is keen to manage the layout of her future home at Frogmore Cottage, including the decoration of her child's room. In addition, she has some special requirements. Indeed, as reported by The Sun, Meghan Markle has asked that the walls of the room be painted with a eucalyptus-based vegan paint and nothing else! ‘Meghan has been looking for this kind of nursery products for a long time, and then the duchess and the duke of Sussex finally opted for The Organic & Natural Paint Co,’ the website says.

This decision does not surprise her fans since the former actress has been following a vegan diet since the beginning of her pregnancy and has even converted Prince Harry. Anyway, we are convinced that the royal baby will be pampered!

Check out the video above for more - plus the unusual colour-scheme Meghan and Harry have chosen for the little one's bedroom!

Meghan Markle Has Made A Surprising Choice For Her Delivery Meghan Markle Has Made A Surprising Choice For Her Delivery