Could Meghan Markle’s Big Upcoming Project Be in the Food World?

Meghan Markle, now free from her royal duties and obligations, may be looking into a new career in the kitchen!

It's been official for a few weeks now: Meghan and Harry are no longer a part of the royal family. The question on everyone's mind: what are they going to dedicate their time to now? Of course, family life with little Archie takes up a lot of time, and we're sure that enjoying their day-to-day life with him is a full-time activity. But Meghan Markle must have her sights set on other things as well.

The ex-duchess already has several personal projects planned for the future. One of which being contributing her voice to the narration of Disney's documentary Elephant, which is available on their streaming platform Disney+. Want to give check out? Click here for a free 7-day trial of the platform.

But she is also working in a completely different field, far from the world of screens and cinema: cooking! As we all know, the former duchess has always had an interest in cooking and she has never hidden this long-standing passion.

In 2018, she wrote the foreword to Together: Our Community Cookbook. But the former Hollywood actress has taken another big step forward since the new project she is said to have begun is a book dedicated to her own recipes. In fact, an anonymous source told US Weekly magazine that Meghan Markle could finally achieve one of her dreams: writing her own cookbook.

In the foreword for Together: Our Community Cookbook, Meghan Markle discussed her passion for cooking:

I have a lifelong interest in the story of food—where it comes from, why we embrace it, and how it brings us together: the universal connection to community through the breaking of bread.
Within this kitchen's walls, there exists not only the communal bond of togetherness through sharing food, but also a cultural diversity that creates what I would describe as a passport on a plate: the power of a meal to take you to places you've never been, or transport you right back to where you came from.

Meghan Markle frequently talked about her childhood memories in interviews, often referring to the food that she grew up on and the significance it has in her upbringing. She mentioned her favourite childhood dish, made with cabbage, black-eyed peas, and cornbread:

This was always eaten on New Year's Day, a tradition steeped in ancestral history where each component has a meaning: the black-eyed peas for prosperity, the greens for wealth, the cornbread for health and nourishment. It wasn't a new year's resolution; it was a wish. It wasn't simply a meal; it was a story.

We'd love to try out a few of Meghan's dishes! Consider us the first to pre-order her newest cookbook.

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