Wes Nelson Is Now In Talks For A Record Deal And His Own Show

He may have shot to fame on Love Island but Wes Nelson has big plans past the world of reality TV...

Wes Nelson Is Now In Talks For A Record Deal And His Own Show
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Is there nothing this man can't do!? As he prepares for the Dancing On Ice final this weekend, Wes has revealed that he's got one or two very exciting projects in the pipeline.

Whilst the 20-year-old worked as a nuclear engineer before entering the villa, he's now set his sights firmly on a career in the entertainment industry as he teased this week that he's in talks with producers for a brand new TV show.

'I’ve got some development meetings after this show which are really exciting. It’s not reality based, it’s more about me doing something a bit more serious as well as keeping in touch with my jokey, happy, silly side.'

Wes hasn't altogether forgotten his former career though, as he said 'There could be elements of my engineering within it — but I’m not giving away the format. It’s a really exciting one, I’m looking forward to getting involved and you seeing it.'

Count us intrigued! Even more exciting though, Wes revealed that he's also looking into a career in the music industry as he's apparently a singer...

'Performing is so enjoyable and I see why everyone loves it now. I sang on Love Island but producers never showed it because of copyright reasons. We were singing all the time.'

Check out the video above for more on Wes' budding music career...