We BARELY RECOGNISED This 2018 Love Islander In Her Latest Photos

Not even a full month has passed since the series ended but this Love Islander has changed A LOT already.

Whilst she was in the Love Island villa, Hayley Hughes was well-known for two things: firstly, her inexplicable belief that Brexit meant less trees (???) and secondly her gorgeous long blonde curly locks.

But she's recently shared photos on her Insta unveiling not one but two brand new hair looks. The first shows Hayley with a sleek, Kardashian-esque white blonde bob. It's a very different look but it looks stunning. Don't get too excited about it though as it turns out it's just a wig. Still, it means Hayley could try out yet another look - this time a peachy wet-look long wig which also looks fab.

Hayley's not the only one trying out new looks this week, either, as Eyal Booker traded in his signature curls for a straightened mop for a photoshoot. We have to say, it looks hot.

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