This Year’s ‘Do Bits Society’ Has Officially Found Its First Members

Following a somewhat slow start to the series, two weeks into the villa one couple has kicked off the relaunch of the ‘Doing Bits Society’. Check out the video to find out the details!

Love Island, the UK’s most-watched reality TV show, has made some changes over the years regarding what ITV2 bosses regard as appropriate for TV viewing and there are more islanders than ever vowing not to get busy between the sheets on-screen.

With new girl Maura appearing intent on spicing things up in the villa, fans were sure that she and Tommy Fury, the professional boxer, were sure to be the first couple getting hot and heavy on air.

But following a lads chat, it appears Curtis may have strongly hinted that more than a few kisses were exchanged during his and Amy’s romantic night in the Hideaway.

As the ballroom dancer blushed while describing how happy he is with how the coupling has been going between him and Amy, Michael cheekily interrupted with, “You’ve been relieved?!”

Curtis then replied coyly explaining to the group, “We won’t have to say those words we’re not going down any lines but just so you know our relationship is going very well.”

One user took to Twitter to mock Curtis after the discussion:

“Curtis: ‘We’re all gentlemen here so I’m not going to say what happened’.

But I am going to sit here and tell you that something did happen instead of just keeping it to myself!”

Check out the video to find out more!

This year’s Love Island has been officially cancelled This year’s Love Island has been officially cancelled