Olivia Attwood says her relationship with Chris Hughes was ‘toxic’

Former Love Islander has opened up about how her ‘toxic’ Love Island relationship led her back to now-fiancé Bradley Dack.

Olivia Attwood is one of several well-known Love Islanders to have rekindled a relationship with an ex after leaving the villa. She got back together with the footballer around a year after finishing third on Love Island alongside Chris Hughes. Now, they’re engaged and planning their wedding.

Olivia Attwood: ‘It was toxic with Chris’

Discussing the part Love Island played in their relationship, Olivia told the Mail Online:

I thought when I was in Love Island that was it. I was so done with him but then I ended up in another relationship that ended up being so toxic and all-consuming. And sometimes that's what happens and it pushes you back to your ex.

She continued:

It was toxic with Chris and we argued a lot. I never had that problem with Brad, we never argued. I was just incompatible with Chris. You meet on this show and things are very different in the real world. You think 'oh s**t do we actually have stuff in common?' It wasn't meant to be.

Chris has been more positive about his relationship with Olivia, saying in October last year:

We had great times together. But not everything lasts. That's the beauty of life. There is no script. I don't regret anything.

He also seemed to have no hard feelings, describing Olivia and Bradley as ‘meant to be.'

When is Olivia Attwood’s wedding?

Olivia and Bradley announced their engagement in October 2019 and are hoping to tie the knot in June this year, pandemic permitting. She has confirmed that at least some of her wedding day will be filmed for her TV show Olivia Meets Her Match, saying:

I really want to share some of the day with fans... They've all been on such a journey with me since Love Island it would be unfair if I didn't show some of it.
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