Lucinda and Aaron discuss love triangle with Brad

Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis have become the latest couple dumped from the Love Island villa. Will their romance survive on the outside?

Sunday night saw a double dumping in the Love Island villa. Aaron Francis and Lucinda Strafford were voted the least popular couple by the public and had to pack their suitcases. They had only been coupled up for a few days and with Lucinda also close to fellow dumped Islander Brad, it will be interesting to see how things develop for them on the outside.

Speaking after their dumping, Aaron admitted that he’d been mindful of Brad watching him crack on with Lucinda. He said:

It was a bit on my mind. When he did leave, I didn’t want to try and chat to her too quickly. The situation was sensitive. I wasn’t sure how she felt about him, which is why our first conversation was how she was feeling, how she felt about him and how she wants to move forward.

Will Aaron and Lucinda stay together?

Aaron also revealed that although it was early days, he was looking forward to going on a proper first date with Lucindaand said he’s already got a surprise for her up his sleeve. He said:

London to Brighton isn’t that far and I’m pretty sure we’ll be around each other quite a lot. We were really close with the same people in the villa which I think says a lot.

Lucinda: Aaron or Brad?

Meanwhile, Lucinda said:

I definitely want to continue things with Aaron. At the time when Brad left I was really upset but I’m happy that I stayed because I carried on and saw Aaron in another way. I feel like when I went in, there was Brad and Aaron and it was nice to focus on one person. It meant that I could connect with Aaron and we get on really well.

So it looks like Brad might be out of luck. He had hoped to rekindle his romance with Lucinda when she eventually left the villa, saying:

Maybe we can carry on from where we left off. The way we had a connection, it would be really nice to take what we had and continue it on the outside.
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