Lucinda and Aaron are over days after leaving the villa

The first couple to leave the villa together this year—Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis—have already decided to call it quits.

It looks like Love Island viewers might have been on to something when they voted Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis the least compatible couple in the villa. The pair were dumped from the Island last week but since arriving back in the UK, they’ve already decided to call time on their budding relationship.

When they left the villa, both Aaron and Lucinda seemed keen to see where things would go next for them. But getting back to reality and separation from each other whilst in isolation on their return to the UK seem to have put a bit of a dampener on things.

Lucinda and Aaron are over

In an interview with MailOnline, Lucinda revealed:

Unfortunately, both of us didn't find actual love in the villa. We're great friends, I know that I can come to him for anything. The aim of the game is to find love and I did really want to… I made amazing friends in there.

She continued:

We've kept in contact, we're both in isolation, and there has been a couple of messages here and there. We did like each other in the villa, which was quite obvious, but we were only coupled up for a few days. It's so crazy to think I was in there for almost three weeks, I feel like I blinked, and it was over.

Have Aaron and Brad spoken?

Meanwhile, Aaron revealed on his Instagram that he has reached out to Brad—who was coupled up with Lucinda before being dumped from the villa. Replying to a fan who asked if they’d spoken, Aaron said:

Course. Me and Brad are boys...[he] was one of the first people I messaged when I came out of here... we both know what show we’re on.
Love Island’s Brad reveals he regrets leaving Lucinda in the villa Love Island’s Brad reveals he regrets leaving Lucinda in the villa