Love Island’s Dr Alex Still in Therapy After The Show

Alex George, the heartthrob doctor form last year’s Love Island series has admitted that he is still receiving treatment in the form of therapy following his participation on the show.

It is becoming ever evident the severe impact that participating in reality TV shows can have on the mental health of its contestants and following recent scandal ITV bosses are facing backlash with accusations regarding hypocrisy.

Following the death of a prior guest on the popular daytime TV show, The Jeremy Kyle Show, the programme has officially been axed. The death came 10 days after the guest appeared on the show and during his time on air, he failed a lie detector test, supposedly affirming his unfaithfulness.

Since news broke, ITV are reviewing their methods for ensuring mental health on Love Island and as it turns out former villa heartthrob is still in the process of seeking help following his stint on the show.

Alex, 28, admitted to suffering from the constant abuse form online trolls. “I get trolled a lot, people say horrible things about you, people judge your worth all the time on social media, whatever they believe that to be.” He also spoke of the pressure to show that you’re happy at all times.

Love Island have since made numerous changes to the show itself and the application procedure in a bid to save the show an ensure contestants are in fit mental states. Speaking of the support he received from Love Island, Alex has said, “…we had analysis…we had psychologists, we had 24 hour support on the show. And then in my experience the aftercare for me has been really good.”

It’s clear that life post-villa is not all sponsorship deals and spin-offs. Check out the video to see what new measures ITV2 bosses have implemented to improve life in the villa!

Image: GettyImages

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