Love Island star Dani Dyer’s boyfriend jailed for defrauding pensioners

Dani Dyer’s con-man boyfriend Sammy Kimmence jailed for scamming pensioners out of £34k.

Dani’s con-man boyfriend is found guilty of conning two vulnerable victims, 80 and 90, out of their hard-earned cash. Dani Dyer, who won the nation's heart after she appeared on Love Island, had no part in the fraud. The two shared a lavish lifestyle together and welcomed a son in January this year.

Sammy’s victims were legitimate clients of an investment company Equine Global Sports Limited. The company received money from customers to place bets on horse races on their behalf. Kimmence worked in the company as a senior trader and took the money from clients when the business went into liquidation falsely claiming that he was authorised to provide financial services.

The Victims

Mr Martin and Mr Haynes are the two victims he conned. Mr Martin died in November last year and Mr Haynes suffers from Alzheimer's. He visited their homes a couple of times as he ‘groomed them.’ While Mr Martin considered him a friend until the very end, Mr Haynes has been left to live on the breadline after losing his money.

Prosecutor Mike Manson believes this wasn’t something that he migrated into from a friendship; rather, he extensively planned it. He said:

This was a very unpleasant fraud against two men who Mr Kimmence deliberately targeted… It is akin to the fox getting a key to the chicken pen.

He primarily targeted old, vulnerable, somewhat isolated victims and convinced them to give him their banking passwords and details. Kimmence sent the victims fake company documents that were riddled with errors. The documents were entirely fabricated and even misspelt his own name.

Kimmence’s reaction

He spent most of his falsely earned money on restaurants, hotels and clothes. Although today he burst into tears as he commenced his three-and-a-half-year jail. Sammy, who is a stockbroker and amateur football player, apologised in a letter and said:

When these crimes were committed, I was a completely different person. I was a youngster, driven by ego, opinions and looking like something I wasn't…I have come a long way from the person I was.

His sentence was due last month but, it got delayed, allowing him to spend his first Father’s Day at home. Although still together, Dani did not appear at his side as he arrived in court today. A source told The Sun:

Sammy put his hands up and admitted his crime and he will take his punishment when the time comes
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