Love Island Lucinda and Brad are back on

Lucinda and Brad were spotted together in Brighton hand in hand laughing and looking all cute together.

After revealing clearly that her romance with Aaron Francis is over, Lucinda Strafford reunited with her villa ex Brad McClelland on a night out in Brighton on Saturday. The two were briefly coupled up together in the show before Brad chivalrously sacrificed his journey in the villa for Lucinda.

Lucinda, after she left the show, made it very clear that she has not found love during three weeks of her time on the show. This was her first day out of isolation since returning home from Majorca and she ended up going on a date with Brad, while she earlier suggested she is going to be too busy to make things work with Aaron Francis.

Lucinda and Aaron Francis

Lucinda was dumped on the show right before her romance was heating up with the co-star Aaron Francis. After she was dumped from the villa, she admitted that Aaron Francis and her will stay friends. In an interview with the Mail, she explained:

We'll definitely meet up, but whether it's a date… we're unsure what's going to happen romantically between us, because we haven't been able to properly see each other, and we're both going to be busy because we have busy schedules going on so, if it's not romantically we'll be really good friends.

However, Lucinda found time for Brad in her busy schedule. She also confessed that they had been texting and were keen to meet. While Brad had already admitted that he would keep the door open on his romance with Lucinda.

The Dog Drama

After she entered the show, there were speculations that Lucinda had been dating her footballer ex, Aaron Connolly. As Aaron was still taking care of Lucinda’s dog, this gathered a lot of attention from the viewers. But the Brighton beauty had clearly denied any such speculations and said they are pals:

I am completely and utterly single…Never in a million years would I go on Love Island if I was in a relationship, and I'm sure if I had a boyfriend, he wouldn't be very happy with it either. We ended quite dramatically at the start of March but then we made friends, and we share a dog, it's a shared dog and he's been looking after it.

Jumping on to Lucinda’s defence, Brad also denied any such rumours. On the latest episode of heat’s Under the Duvet with VOXI, he said:

I think that’s a load of s**t to be fair, I don’t know the gospel on it but from what I’ve heard, that’s not true.
She spoke about him to be in there and she said ex to me. You know what, people are going to say things and any opportunity they’ve got they’re going to stir it up.
Love Island’s Brad reveals he regrets leaving Lucinda in the villa Love Island’s Brad reveals he regrets leaving Lucinda in the villa