Liam has been waiting for Casa Amor all along, claims Brad

While viewers were stunned to see Liam being unfaithful to Millie in Casa Amor, it seems the signs may have been there all along.

Love Island fans were shocked this week when Liam Reardon’s head was turned in Casa Amor. Liam had seemed to be in one of the show’s strongest couplings with Millie Court—but has since shared a passionate kiss with Casa Amor bombshell Lillie Haynes. But ex-Islander Brad McLelland has revealed Liam was looking forward to Casa Amor from the start.

Liam and Casa Amor

Appearing on Under the Duvet, Brad revealed:

At the start when Liam first came in, it was Casa Amor on his mind. It changed as soon as Millie came in. Everyone who watches the show knows what happens in Casa Amor, so everyone’s excited about it and when Liam first came in, the first question he asked around the fire pit was, 'How long until Casa Amor?'

Despite Liam’s early excitement about Casa Amor, Brad said he was surprised that the 21-year-old’s head had been turned from Millie, saying:

I don’t know because obviously I spent a week in there with them and she was growing on him day after day and then when I’ve watched on the outside a little bit, they’re getting on.

Jake the snake?

However, he echoed many viewers’ comments by suggesting that fellow Islander Jake—who has remained faithful to girlfriend Liberty Poole—has been egging Liam and the other boys on to crack on with the Casa Amor girls. Brad said:

Why’s that? He’s trying to wingman all the lasses in there.

We don’t yet know whether Liam will be returning to Casa Amor single or with Lillie Haynes on his arm. However, after Liam and Lillie shared a passionate kiss in full view of both Jake and the cameras, it’s hard to believe there won’t be repercussions on his relationship with Millie.

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