Joe Insists He And Lucie Have A Future - As He Vows To Wait For Her On The Outside

On Tuesday night, Love Island aired its second official dumping and this time two unlucky Islanders got the boot - new girl Elma and former fan favourite and self-titled 'Sandwich Man' Joe Garratt. Whilst Elma had only just coupled up with Anton, Joe's exit has left Lucie Donlan heartbroken.

Love Island has always been full of twists and turns and this year's series is no exception. On Sunday night's show it was revealed that the coupled up Islanders would have to vote for the least compatible couples in the villa - with the two who received the most votes being put in danger of being dumped from the show.

After the Islanders voted Elma and Anton and Joe and Lucie as the weakest couple, the unlucky Islanders were faced with another shock revelation - one person from each couple would be dumped following a public vote - and in Tuesday's episode we saw Elma and Joe sent home.

Whilst Joe and Lucie's relationship had seen a rocky few days, earlier in Tuesday's episode we saw Joe making a heartfelt apology to Lucie for his previous actions, telling her: 'I kinda let other people's opinions about the you and Tommy thing get to me. I know I never should have. Looking back at it I regret even doubting anything because I do trust you. I trust him. I trust us.

I've never met a girl like you ever. You're like a unicorn. You're completely different to everything I've ever come across. You're the surfer chick, you get on with guys. I'm completely fine with that.'

As Joe has now been dumped from the villa, fans have been left wondering whether Lucie Donlan will follow him out of the door - or whether she'll stay and recouple with someone else. Check out the video above to see what Joe had to say about their future as a couple...

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