Jack And Dani Throw Tantrum At Heathrow - After Pocketing £40k On Luxury Holiday...

Jack And Dani Throw Tantrum At Heathrow - After Pocketing £40k On Luxury Holiday...

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer have just returned from a New Year's break in Dubai - where it's thought they will have earnt up to £40,000 for selling photographs. However, this didn't seem to stop them being unhappy when they thought a taxi driver from Heathrow was charging them too steeply for their trip home. 

If you follow Jack Fincham or Dani Dyer on social media, you'll know that they've spent the last week living it up in Dubai at the luxury Five Palm Jumeirah hotel. From snaps of the couple in the crystal blue rooftop pool to videos of their mouthwatering dinners - we've all been feeling some serious holiday envy whilst we're all back in the office after Christmas. 

But whilst Jack and Dani's holiday would have cost us mere mortals an arm and a leg, the Love Island winners got their holiday free of charge - and have even MADE money by going on holiday by selling the rights to photographs of themselves on holiday. Now, where's that Love Island application form got to...

Celebrity agent Rob Cooper told The Mirror: 'If a celebrity is pictured in Dubai wearing two or three different outfits, they can expect to earn anywhere between £2k - £30k depending on the celebrity's profile and the content of the images... [In addition] A luxury resort will usually provide them with a holiday package worth around £5k in exchange to post images online.'

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So, after all those freebies you might think Jack and Dani wouldn't have minded shelling out a few bob for a taxi home from the airport when they landed back in Blighty on Monday - but eyewitnesses claim they were fuming when a cabbie told them the trip back would cost them £100...

Check out the video above for more on Jack and Dani's airport tantrum!

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