ITV Forced To Speak Out Over Rumours That Anton Has Now Been Removed From The Villa Too

ITV Forced To Speak Out Over Rumours That Anton Has Now Been Removed From The Villa Too

Following Sherif Lanre's shock departure from the Love Island villa, many fans have speculated that the incident behind it all may have involved fellow Islander and love rival Anton Danyluk. Now, ITV have been forced to respond to rumours that Anton has also been removed from the villa. 

The Love Island villa - and the whole of the UK - have been rocked by Sherif Lanre's sudden exit this week. Whilst ITV2 have refused to confirm what exactly Sherif did to get himself chucked out, that hasn't stopped the rumours flying thick and fast. 

From rumours he smuggled a phone in from the outside to suggestions that he was enjoying himself a little bit too much in the hot tub, all we really know for sure is that Sherif broke a Love Island rule but that what he did wasn't a crime.  

In a statement, Sherif described his own actions as 'a case of poor judgment' and 'as a 20 year old guy', something that he 'will take on board and learn from'. He has also confirmed via his Instagram story that he is 'all good', thanking his friends and family for their support following the mysterious incident. 

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Despite the fact it's been insisted Sherif's actions weren't criminal, one of the most persistent rumours is that he got into a fight with love rival Anton Danyluk after he 'moved to' Anna Vakilis, who Sherif was coupled up with.

These rumours have come to a head today as several Twitter accounts claiming to have insider information have claimed that Anton has now also been removed from the Love Island villa. These rumours have been spread so far that ITV have been forced to make a statement. 

Take a look at the video above to see what ITV have said about Anton's 'removal'... 

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