Here’s Why Love Island USA Won’t Be Anything Like The UK Version

While Love Island UK is lapping up the success of the fifth series, we’ve finally found out a few more details about the soon to come US version. Check out the video to find out the most noticeable changes and we’re all a little disappointed.

Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, has seen record-breaking numbers tuning in for this year’s series, therefore it’s no surprise that the show will be making its way across the Atlantic to tackle American audiences.

Not long ago, it came to light that a group of our favourite ex-islanders jetted off to the US to help promote the new series and now more concrete information is making its way down the grapevine.

The American spin-off will air at 8pm, five nights each week on the family friendly channel CBS and everything is set to kick off 9th July, running until 7th August.

Hosting the show will be former vine star and actress Arielle Vandenberg who has previously stated she is a “huge fan of the show”. It is hoped that her 1.2 million Instagram followers will help boost viewings during the initial days.

Producing the series will be David Eilenberg who has previously worked on a wide range of hit shows including Hell’s Kitchen, The Voice, The Apprentice and Shark Tank, so naturally it’s thought that the latest version will be in safe hands.

Check out the video to discover the main differences between to the UK and US versions.

Image: OK! Magazine

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