Fans ask Love Island's new boy Danny Bibby to be removed from the show

The new boy hasn’t even set foot in the villa yet and controversies already love him. While his dad apologises, fans are furious and want him out of the show.

Danny Bibby is all set to enter the villa in tonight’s episode and go on a date with Kaz. As he gets ready to enter the villa, eagle-eyed fans do their own research work and are already furious with him. Apparently, Danny used the n-word in one of his now-deleted Instagram posts.

The post was from 85 weeks ago where Danny was posing in a bold leaf-patterned shirt while on a holiday. A friend of his commented: 'Champ' with a fist bump emoji. To which Danny replied 'My n****.' Whoever was handling Danny’s account first deleted the comment and then the post. However, an image of the new boy as ‘racist’ has been etched in the fan memory forever.

Dad’s Apology

As fans have a hard time letting go of Danny's use of the n-word, his photos are flooded with horrifying comments. Amidst this, the 25-year-old plumber’s dad takes over the media and apologises on his behalf. He said:

Danny does not have a racist bone in his body and there were no racist intentions to this post.

Further, clarifying his son’s stance, he claimed:

Although it was not done maliciously, it was a mistake. I absolutely apologise on his behalf for the offence this wording may have caused. That would never have been his intention.

Having said that, daddy dearest showed his support to Danny and wrote in the comments:

Daddy loves you son xxx smash it💥💥💥

Fan’s Reaction

Although Danny's dad has apologised on his behalf and offered a clear explanation of his actions, fans are not ready to let it go. Not only have they taken over Instagram to show their disapproval of the new boy, but many of them have also taken over to Twitter. They have urged the show makers to remove him from the show, even though he hasn’t entered yet.

Some of the angry fans even complained Ofcom about the slur and one of them wrote on Twitter:

@LoveIsland PLEASE REMOVE THIS RACIST FROM #LoveIsland New Islander Danny Bibby has FREELY used the N-word on Instagram like it is nothing! PLEASE REMOVE THIS MAN FROM THE SHOW

Between all this, fans are not very happy or supportive about him going on a date with Kaz. Yesterday’s episode ended when Kaz received a text to say she had been chosen for a date with a tattooed hunk.

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